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This program is designed to help managers successfully create, cultivate, and develop a meaningful and charismatic luxury brand across customer touchpoints and different markets. Participants will get into a multisensoric learning journey which combines traditional with innovative teaching methods.


Executive Certificate (CAS)


15 days over 5 months

Teaching language



From March to July 2022


Before February 15st 2022


9'500 CHF

The luxury industry is facing profound changes impacting consumption culture: digitalization, global mobility, and consumers’ increased awareness of the environmental crisis and social inequalities.


Consequently, the traditional meaning of notions such as materialism, status, and luxury is challenged. In addition, luxury marketing works differently than marketing goods and services for everyday consumption. Rather than strictly catering to consumers’ needs and outsmarting the competition to drive sales and profits, marketing luxury brands follows its own rules in order to preserve the mystic aura and dream factor which is core to luxury.


This certificate is designed to sharpen participants’ marketing understanding with regard to the specificities of luxury brands, both in national and international markets. At the same time, this class is meant to serve as a platform to experience and cultivate first-hand what luxury brands need to have nowadays: charisma, sensuality, soul, and creativity. Participants will deep-dive into luxury thinking through a mix of traditional and innovative teaching methods in the spirit of age-old luxury icons that constantly reinvent themselves.

Learning Objectives

  1. Being future-ready for new phenomena and trends in the luxury industry and understanding luxury consumers, their behavior, and motivations.
  2. Successfully creating, cultivating, and developing a luxury brand across customer touchpoints and different markets.
  3. Developing sensibility and feeling for the dream and charisma of luxury brands versus premium and fashion brands.

Target Audience

  1. Luxury industry managers and professionals who take on management, marketing, communication or branding responsibilities.
  2. Management, marketing, communication and brand professionnals moving into the luxury industry from non-luxury industry.
  3. Individuals who wish to develop their understanding of the luxury industry in order to start their own business or satisfy their curiosity.

Admission Criteria

The program management reserves the right to accept applications from individuals with at least five years of experience in a position of responsibility but who do not meet the requirements set out below.

Professional Experience

A minimum of 3 years of professional experience;

Academic Program

Hold a university degree or experience considered equivalent by the program management;

Payment Terms


9'500 CHF

All expenses related to continuing education are, except in exceptional cases, tax deductible. Do not hesitate to contact the relevant organizations.


1'500 CHF

To be paid within 7 days upon receipt of the confirmation letter of your registration.


-950 CHF

A discount is offered for HEC Alumni contributors and registrations received before April 30 (this offer is not cumulative).

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