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In a constantly changing world, the human aspect in organizations has never been so important. Compliance and risk management professionals need to develop new skills and tools to manage the human risk which is systematically underestimated in comparison with the legal dimension of risk management.


Executive Certificate (CAS)


20 days

Teaching language



From Nov. 2020 to May 2021


Before September 30, 2020


15'900 CHF

This is a program in english but you can see this page in French by clicking here.

Rules, mitigation measures and regulations are very important tools to help compliance and risk management professionals on a daily basis. However, a thorough analysis of scandals in corporations, non-governmental institutions and governmental organizations shows that most systematic cases of unethical and illegal behavior are driven by psychological forces that shape organizational cultures and move them to the dark side.


Without in-depth knowledge of social psychology, compliance and risk management professionals cannot detect or manage such risks at an early stage. To overcome this issue, participants will learn, thanks to this certificate, how to analyze human risks in their own business and become a trusted partner of their organizations by developing effective and more integrative ethics and compliance programs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Perform an extended compliance risk analysis based on a thorough understanding of social psychology.
  2. Develop effective compliance systems to reduce human risk in organizations and become a trusted partner.
  3. Design effective compliance trainings to engage line managers and organization stakeholders on the topic.

Target Audience

  1. Compliance officers, senior managers and executives who work in the field of compliance.
  2. Risk officers, senior managers and executives who are dealing with risk management challenges.
  3. Managers in leadership functions who want to strengthen their company’s approach of ethics and compliance.

Admission Criteria

The program management reserves the right to accept applications from individuals with at least seven years of experience in a position of responsibility but who do not meet the requirements set out below.

Professional Experience

A minimum of 7 years of professional experience;

Academic Program

Hold a university degree or experience considered equivalent by the program management;

Payment Terms


15'900 CHF

All expenses related to continuing education are, except in exceptional cases, tax deductible. Do not hesitate to contact the relevant organizations.


1'500 CHF

To be paid within 7 days upon receipt of the confirmation letter of your registration.


-1'590 CHF

A discount is offered for HEC Alumni contributors and registrations received before July 31 (this offer is not cumulative).

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