Disruptive luxury

Short program (FC)

Like any industry, the luxury goods sector will face many disruptions in the years to come. To prepare you to face these upheavals, we will study the trends that will change the luxury industry and the techniques on which you can capitalize to prepare your organization through creative thinking and application on a real luxury case.

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Short program (FC)
3 days over 1 months
From 09h00 to 17h00
2 250 CHF
Before 24 February 2022
Disruptive luxury
  • From 24/03/2022 to 26/03/2022


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While a few decades ago luxury appeared as capital-intense material consumption objects, luxury today comes in more intangible and fluid forms, such as peak experiences, quality time, mobility, freedom, connoisseurship, popularity, health, beauty, self-enhancement, wellbeing – or bluntly speaking – happiness.

What will luxury mean in the future? No one knows a clear answer yet, but participants will discover together how potential near-term, mid-term, and long-term futures of luxury might look.

To help us understand these future potentials, this short program will be organized into three parts: theory, inspiration and creation. Firstly, participants will discover theory about the changing nature of luxury and status thinking, current trends, and methodologies for creative thinking and future literacy. Secondly, participants will get immersed in a "new luxury" experience and receive a real-world luxury brand challenge. Finally, participants will work in groups to envision and present their own solutions to the luxury brand challenge.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the changing nature of luxury and get familiar with current trends and disruptions in the luxury industry.
  2. Identify techniques to make sense of and capitalize on these trends to improve your organization's brand awareness.
  3. Apply their new knowledge and skills to define creative solutions for luxury brand innovation in your organization.

Target audience

  1. Luxury industry managers and professionals who take on management, marketing, communication or branding responsibilities.
  2. Management, marketing, communication and brand professionnals moving into the luxury industry from non-luxury industry.
  3. Individuals who wish to develop their understanding of the luxury industry in order to start their own business or satisfy their curiosity.


à propos

This module is taught through a transformational teaching approach. The learning atmosphere is geared to be inspiring, intellectually stimulating, and individually relevant through pedagogical elements such as immersion into the studied topic, interaction through group discussions, and active engagement through group works.

Main program
Luxury marketing
Luxury marketing
Cette formation courte est un module de notre Certificate of advanced studies (CAS) en Luxury marketing.
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Admission criteria


We offer quality programs accessible to all professionals who have decided to develop new skills.


This short program requires your presence and participation.

Payment terms

Price: 2 250 CHF

All expenses related to continuing education are, except in exceptional cases, tax deductible.

Discount (10%): -225 CHF

A discount is offered to contributing members of Alumni HEC.

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Disruptive luxury
24 March 2022
26 March 2022
24 February 2022