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Short program (FC)

How to define and implement a luxury brand strategy? A question we will answer by helping you understand how to make strategic choices and how to respond to the challenges that luxury brands face today through a better understanding of the key rules and characteristics of a luxury brand strategy.

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Short program (FC)
3 days over 1 months
From 09h00 to 17h00
2 250 CHF
Before 31 March 2022
Luxury branding
  • 5, 6 and 7 May 2022


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The marketing strategy of a luxury brand must be carefully defined. To help you achieve this goal, this short program has been structured into three different parts.

First, we will focus on the key rules and characteristics that define a luxury brand strategy and how to differentiate it from a premium or fashion brand strategy. Secondly, we will see how to make strategic choices when implementing luxury branding strategy in various industries. Finally, we will prepare participants to appreciate and respond to the challenges that luxury brands face in view of the social, cultural and economic changes affecting the luxury industry globally (e.g. emergence of new definitions of luxury as well as changing demographic profiles of luxury consumers and new consumption behaviors).

Examples from luxury consumer goods brands (e.g. Louis Vuitton, Channel, Rolex, Gucci) and luxury hospitality brands (e.g. Four Seasons, Rosewood, Belmond, Mandarin Oriental) will be used to analyze how a luxury strategy can be applied in a variety of contexts.

Learning objectives

  1. Identify the key facets of a luxury brand strategy and differentiate a luxury strategy from a fashion or premium strategy.
  2. Analyze strategic solutions to develop a luxury brand equity and plan luxury communication campaigns.
  3. Develop innovative solutions to implement luxury brand strategies in terms of product, price, distribution and communication.

Target audience

  1. Luxury industry managers and professionals who take on management, marketing, communication or branding responsibilities.
  2. Management, marketing, communication and brand professionnals moving into the luxury industry from non-luxury industry.
  3. Individuals who wish to develop their understanding of the luxury industry in order to start their own business or satisfy their curiosity.


à propos

Learning will be based on a mix of lectures, analysis of case studies and articles, class workshops and discussions. In all these activities, examples from luxury brands from various industries (e.g. Louis Vuitton, Channel, Rolex, Ferrari, Omega, Rosewood, Belmond, etc.) will be used. In order to apply the concepts covered in class to a real case in the luxury industry, participants will analyze in groups a luxury brand of their choice, and propose an innovative concept to improve customer experience and increase brand equity for the chosen luxury brand. They will have to deliver short presentations during the class.

Main program
Luxury marketing
Luxury marketing
Cette formation courte est un module de notre Certificate of advanced studies (CAS) en Luxury marketing.
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This short program requires your presence and participation.

Payment terms

Price: 2 250 CHF

All expenses related to continuing education are, except in exceptional cases, tax deductible.

Discount (10%): -225 CHF

A discount is offered to contributing members of Alumni HEC.

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Luxury branding
05 May 2022
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