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There is no System – We are the System. This unique program is designed for leaders who WANT to and CAN drive change – through their companies/institutions – towards a more inclusive, circular and regenerative economy while ensuring their companies’ financial sustainability. Welcome to the « Blue Economy ».



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TBA (2020)




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We are at the dawn of the 4th revolution, which revives fears of automation and human obsolescence. We live in a world that depletes its resources before they have time to regenerate. The current economic system is reaching its limits; we need to evolve. Companies and private corporations have a unique opportunity to take the lead and show that positive social and environmental impact rimes with financial success and is a condition for future prosperity. A shift among leaders is already taking place towards conscious capitalism. The SDGs, inclusive, circular and regenerative economy model provides an important new lens through which business can explore new opportunities, more effectively manage its risks and secure an enduring license to operate on the road to 2030. This unique program is designed to equip a team of effective agents of change to identify how to become forward-thinking actors of the Blue Economy. It aims to give « DRIVE » and « TOOLS » to leaders, so that they can launch a transformation process. Participants will understand that walking the talk has numerous benefits such as attracting investors and talents, gaining credibility and ensuring financial sustainability.

Learning objectives

  1. Initiate the shift and launch a transformational initiative towards a more sustainability-driven business.
  2. Design a roadmap for the integration of a new impact business model and set milestones.
  3. Exploit the necessary skills (soft & hard) to lead humans on the road to transformation.

Target audience

  1. CEOs/ C-Suits, Leaders with a Vision and a Transformation project
  2. Chief Transformation Officers, Change Agents (irrespective of hierarchical level)
  3. Heads of Sustainability/Organisational Changes, Organisational Changes/Sustainability Managers/Champions

This innovative program is structured in 4 submodules. It will lead participants through a full development journey, starting with meta-data and global trends to step back and give the broader picture needed to think and act strategically.
The program will deliver proofs and convince the brains of participants that the « Blue Economy » is a fantastic opportunity for both the world/society and for the business.
The program will end by teaching the B Corp methodology and tools, and will help participants to develop the necessary skills to tackle the transformation challenge.

Our Professor

The Executive Education HEC Lausanne offers more than thirty continuing academic programs in various fields such as management, marketing, finance, corporate governance, ethics, data or personal development. As a result, and beyond this short program data-driven enterprise, we offer several other related programs that may also be of interest to you.

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