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Data is a strategic asset nowadays. Everyone agrees with the principle, but we are far away from an effective use of data in business. In order to create value from Big Data and analytics, companies need to transform into Data-Driven Enterprises. HEC Lausanne and EPFL have designed this program to ease this transformation.


Executive Certificate (CAS)


16 days over 9 months

Teaching language



From March to November 2022


Before January 31st 2022


17'000 CHF

This is a program in english but you can see this page in French by clicking here.

The Executive Certificate (CAS) in Data Science & Management is a unique program for executives, developed by HEC Lausanne and EPFL. The program combines management and technology perspectives and demystifies Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Participants develop the required skills to drive the transformation towards a Data-Driven Enterprise and create sustainable business value from data.


The program comprises 4 modules that can also be taken as individual shorts programs (4×4 days) that address the strategic, organizational and technical challenges in data-driven organizations. To get more information about this short programs please check the program tab.

Learning Objectives

  1. Critically define the role and value of data for companies and design value chains from data to information and insights.
  2. Demystify Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and define innovative data-driven solutions.
  3. Identify and implement effective practices to manage data as a strategic resource.

Target Audience

  1. (Future) Chief Data Officers (CDOs), senior managers and executives who are launching data initiatives.
  2. Business intelligence (BI) and data managers, data engineers and data architects who want to manage successful data-driven transformation.
  3. Data champions and executives in business lines (HR, Marketing, Operations, …) who want to become more data and analytics-savvy.

Program’s blocks

Each block can also be followed individually.

Individual Data Project (IDP)

The capstone project of the Executive Certificate in Data Science & Management is the “Individual Data Project”. Participants are encouraged to start the program with a concrete “data transformation” ambition in mind (usually for their employer). They will develop their project throughout the program with the support of HEC Lausanne and EPFL experts.

Calendar and Timetable

Admission Criteria

The program management reserves the right to accept applications from individuals with at least five years of experience in a position of responsibility but who do not meet the requirements set out below.

Professional Experience

A minimum of 5 years of professional experience;

Academic Program

Hold a university degree or experience considered equivalent by the program management;

Payment Terms


17'000 CHF

All expenses related to continuing education are, except in exceptional cases, tax deductible. Do not hesitate to contact the relevant organizations.


1'500 CHF

To be paid within 7 days upon receipt of the confirmation letter of your registration.


-1'700 CHF

A discount is offered for EPFL or HEC Alumni contributors and registrations received before October 31 (this offer is not cumulative).

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