Data science & management

Certificate of advanced studies (CAS)

Data is a strategic asset nowadays. Everyone agrees with the principle, but we are far away from an effective use of data in business. In order to create value from Big Data and analytics, companies need to transform into Data-Driven Enterprises. HEC Lausanne and EPFL have designed this program to ease this transformation.

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Certificate of advanced studies (CAS)
16 days spread over 9 months
From 08h30 to 17h30
17 000 CHF
15 ECTS credits
Data science & management


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18 September 2025
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The Executive Certificate (CAS) in Data Science & Management is a unique program for executives, developed by HEC Lausanne and EPFL. The program combines management and technology perspectives and demystifies Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Participants develop the required skills to drive the transformation towards a Data-Driven Enterprise and create sustainable business value from data.

The capstone project of the Executive Certificate in Data Science & Management is the “Individual Data Project”. Participants are encouraged to start the program with a concrete “data transformation” ambition in mind (usually for their employer). They will develop their project throughout the program with the support of HEC Lausanne and EPFL experts.

Learning objectives

  1. Critically define the role and value of data for companies and design value chains from data to information and insights.
  2. Demystify Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and define innovative data-driven solutions.
  3. Identify and implement effective practices to manage data as a strategic resource.

Target audience

  1. (Future) Chief Data Officers (CDOs), senior managers and executives who are launching data initiatives.
  2. Business intelligence (BI) and data managers, data engineers and data architects who want to manage successful data-driven transformation.
  3. Data champions and executives in business lines (HR, Marketing, Operations, …) who want to become more data and analytics-savvy.


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The open program in Data science & management is a CAS designed for professionals wishing to develop new skills in parallel with their professional activity. This open program incorporates a strong participatory dimension. The fundamental notions will be presented beforehand, then supplemented and illustrated by numerous practical exercises based on real cases.

The Data science & management program consists of 4 blocks. This represents 16 days spread over 9 months. It also includes a memory work. That represents a total of 128 hours of teaching and about as many hours of personal work.

Program's blocks

Each module can be followed individually

The data-driven enterprise

The fourth industrial revolution is driven by smart, connected objects, and exploding amounts of data. In this new era where “data is the new oil”, there is little value in “crude” data. But if crude data can be extracted, refined, and piped to where it can impact decisions, its value will soar.

The data-driven enterprise

From data to insights

The impact of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) whether it be on the economy or on society as a whole, is now recognized by all. In order to best negotiate the turn of the digital revolution, companies are now obliged to adapt to a pace they have never experienced before while bypassing the myth surrounding AI.

From data to insights

Managing data as an asset

Most companies consider data as a strategic asset, but they hardly manage it as such. This short program introduces principles and methods of data management covering data assets, data quality, data governance and data life cycle. This will empower organizations to create the data culture strategically needed nowadays.

Managing data as an asset

Data innovation, privacy & risks

The increasing amount of data offers manifold opportunities for data-driven innovations and new business models. To benefit from these innovations, companies need to establish effective practices for data sharing in their ecosystems while coping with data privacy, ethics and risks such as the impact of GDPR.

Data innovation, privacy & risks

Final report

The Individual Data Project - IDP - is the flagship project of the CAS in Data science & management. Participants are encouraged to start the program with a concrete data transformation objective in mind (usually for their employer). They will develop their project throughout the program with the support of professors and experts from HEC Lausanne, UNIL and EPFL. The IDP consists of a written report and an oral presentation.

Final report


Eric Ferrari
Eric Ferrari
March 2021
This program granted me a global vision of Data related stakes. It dives into the strategic as well as organisational and technical aspects of Data science. The diversity of speakers covers a wide scope of theoretical and practical knowledge during the 4 modules of this programme.
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia
June 2018
I chose this program because it is a blended solution that combines both technical and strategic aspects of Data Science. It was very inspiring.
Virginie Debons
Virginie Debons
March 2021
There was a great quality and diversity among the speakers. The mix between theory and practice was perfect.


Admission criteria

The steering committee reserves the right to accept applications from people who do not meet the conditions below on the basis of their motivation and professional experience.

Professional experience

A minimum of 5 years of professional experience.

Academic curriculum

Hold a university degree or any type of diploma deemed equivalent by the program management.

study rules

Payment terms

Price: 17 000 CHF

All expenses related to continuing education are, except in exceptional cases, tax deductible.

Down payment : 1 500 CHF

To be paid within 7 days upon receipt of the confirmation letter of your registration.

Discount (10%): -1 700 CHF

A discount is offered to contributing members of Alumni HEC or Alumni EPFL or early bird registrations (non cumulative offer).

Payment terms

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