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Data innovation, privacy & risks

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The increasing amount of data offers manifold opportunities for data-driven innovations and new business models. To benefit from these innovations, companies need to establish effective practices for data sharing in their ecosystems while coping with data privacy, ethics and risks such as the impact of GDPR.

Short Course Data Innovation Privacy and Risks


Certificate of attendance


4 days

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29th Aug - 1st Sept 2022


Before July 28th 2022


5'000 CHF

This short program is a module of our Certificate in Data Science & Management (CAS)

This short program addresses data thinking and data-driven innovation as well as privacy, ethical and other risks associated with an increasing use of data. Useful tools and canvases to support data thinking will be presented and applied. Managerial blindness, ethical issues and other traps of Data Science are risks that need to be managed effectively to create a robust data-driven oriented business.


We will discuss the challenges of data sharing and data sovereignty in value-added services and ecosystems. We will conclude by providing ideas on how to make use of external and open data such as crowdsourcing.

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply useful tools and canvases to support data thinking and identify use cases for data-driven innovation.
  2. Analyze data sharing needs and data sovereignty in ecosystems and identify the data platforms needed.
  3. Identify and manage the risks (managerial, organizational and ethical) that come with data-driven decision making.

Target Audience

  1. (Future) Chief Data Officers (CDOs), senior managers and executives who are launching data initiatives.
  2. Business intelligence (BI) and data managers, data engineers and data architects who want to manage successful data-driven transformation.
  3. Data champions and executives in business lines (HR, Marketing, Operations, …) who want to become more data and analytics-savvy.

Conditions of Admission


Advanced working knowledge of Tableau Desktop and KNIME Software acquired in the short programs: "The data-driven enterprise" and "From data to insights".


This short program requires your presence and participation.

Payment Terms


5'000 CHF

All expenses related to continuing education are, except in exceptional cases, tax deductible. Do not hesitate to contact the relevant organizations.

Discount (10%)

-500 CHF

A discount is offered for EPFL or HEC Alumni contributors.

The Executive Education HEC Lausanne offers more than thirty continuing academic programs in various fields such as management, marketing, finance, corporate governance, ethics, data or personal development. As a result, and beyond this short program in data innovation, privacy & risks, we offer several other related programs that may also be of interest to you.

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